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Oh. This made me show my bunny teeth. :B I like it.

Oh. This made me show my bunny teeth. :B I like it.

Another night

It’s funny. A day ago, I was saying I’m happy. I posted it here and was really proud about it. I thought I conquered this dilemma. A dilemma who’s best cure is probably, me having an amnesia. Let me have an amnesia. Pls.

So, I had the “talk” with my sister. I shared how brave I was to tell the “bird” to go after the “nest”. That I was not really affected. That in fact, I’ll be happier. Blah. I meant all of it at that moment. But after our conversation, there goes again the tingly pain in my chest - I hate. I know that it’s over (is it?).

I must let go and let God.


I’m not even noticing your absence until now. :D

You're inlove but not with me by Anna Kareninna

Bird: Nest called me last night and she's been feeling alone, sad and depressed. The wind was strong and the rain was hard on the tree she was staying on.

Worm: Oooh..

Bird: I think she needs me. I've been very concerned about her ever since the time I left her for you. It's been unfair to her because she was badly hurt several times by me. I always go to her whenever you are under the ground, nourishing the soil, but when you are back, I've always left her on her own on that tree,

Worm: Go back to her.

Bird: But you're the one I love. You are my choice.

Worm: I'm not the one you love. I'm just the one you need. You live by eating a part of me so you may survive and then whenever I go under the soil to nourish it so I may grow the part of me that you have eaten, you go to her, to be with her.

Bird: But I know that I'm inlove.

Worm: Yes you are. You're inlove but not with me.

Based from a true story.

It’s in video mode fools. XD

Original video by Anna Kareninna

The end.

First time I have ever said to myself, “I’m too old for that already. It’s too late for me.”

This is a tragedy. Once you’ve said that to your self. YOU will be forever bound to be stagnant and normal. I can’t believe it. So this is the story, I accompanied my nephew to his Milo Swimming lesson today. And as I was watching the kids training and looking really dedicated to the sport, I suddenly felt interested to enroll myself to swimming. But then - BOOM!

I’ve said those two sentences. :(

Perhaps, I’m over reacting about all of this but I’m at this age where I’m feeling left out and still can’t manage to have something that I am best at. Or just a hobby that I can focus on and be good at and known for - like photography, painting, dancing, singing, swimming or even blogging or whatever. Anything. But even blogging is NOT my thing. Disgustingly horrifying.

nbjsdjshdkjshdksbxjsb I don’t want to say it but nasjshehawjwdjnd I’m quiet at the sidelines already.  

There, I’ve said it. Ok. Goodbye Miss Anna Kareninna. You are over. 

Can this be my wedding song while I’m walking on the aisle? XD

It’s so breath-taking whenever I’m imagining someone singing this for me. :D

Just a follow up.


Never mind. :)

Savor what you have. Be thankful.