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You're inlove but not with me by Anna Kareninna

Bird: Nest called me last night and she's been feeling alone, sad and depressed. The wind was strong and the rain was hard on the tree she was staying on.

Worm: Oooh..

Bird: I think she needs me. I've been very concerned about her ever since the time I left her for you. It's been unfair to her because she was badly hurt several times by me. I always go to her whenever you are under the ground, nourishing the soil, but when you are back, I've always left her on her own on that tree,

Worm: Go back to her.

Bird: But you're the one I love. You are my choice.

Worm: I'm not the one you love. I'm just the one you need. You live by eating a part of me so you may survive and then whenever I go under the soil to nourish it so I may grow the part of me that you have eaten, you go to her, to be with her.

Bird: But I know that I'm inlove.

Worm: Yes you are. You're inlove but not with me.

Based from a true story.